“What should I learn first as a junior dev?”

The one question that keeps coming up over and over and over again in my career is “what should I learn first?”

There are an overwhelming number of languages, libraries and frameworks in the software development world. It’s not surprising that young and new devs are unsure of where to start and what’s the best first thing to learn.

The answer to this question is not so simple, but here’s the answer I always give: it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you started with Javascript or Python or Ruby or Java or Scala or [insert the latest hottest language].

Is everyone moving onto TypeScript? It doesn’t matter.

Should you choose React or Angular for your next project? Flip a coin. It doesn’t matter.

The human brain works in peculiar ways: if you are able to learn one language well, you will start understanding concepts in other languages automagically. Same goes to libraries and frameworks and almost everything else in the programming world.


The main takeaway from this post is that you should not worry too much about “the best” or “the first” thing to learn. As a junior dev, the most important thing is to absorb as much information in as little time as possible. I will share the ancient secret to doing that in a separate post. But the most productive, efficient and effective way to advance your skills is to stick to one thing and set aside at least one month to fully immerse yourself in it. One month is certainly not enough time to really learn anything, but it will be a good exercise to calm your nerves and settle your anxiety in he journey of becoming a great engineer.

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