Peer review: The Visual Mediator

For this peer review, my partner’s website is called The Visual Mediator.

I have to confess that I greatly admire the site and all the contents Leigh has put on it, but for the purpose of this peer review, I will focus on the business side of things.

Upon landing on the site, I was very soon mesmerized by the highly professional and creative photography on the home page. Leigh did a great job laying out the landing page to create an almost art-gallery-like atmosphere. Immediately I knew that Leigh isn’t messing around.

As I was being impressed, one of the major concerns I have of the site surfaced: there doesn’t seem to be a clear divide between personal opinions and professional showcase. More on this later.

There are a few broken links on the site linking to what seems to be Leigh’s personal website,, which at the time of this writing is down. That’s understandable if Leigh moved some of the content from one of her other sites onto The Visual Mediator. But this may have played a part in my feeling that the site is mixing personal and business.

Before moving on, let me take just a quick moment to say that I’m jealous: I’m jealous of Leigh’s skills and her creativity. I remember when I was creative, good times 🙁 And The Visual Mediator leaves a lot to be desired if only Leigh separated her personal opinion pieces from her professional showcase. I feel like I wouldn’t hesitate in hitting a “Sign Up” or “Call Now” button if her home page had more focus on her Arts & Cultural Inquiry + Visual Consultancy Services and really centering the narrative around her work. That brings up another thing I think the site could improve on:

The site is seriously lacking CTAs. Seriously Leigh, if I were in your target market, I would’ve already become one of your clients! All you had to do was just ask; give me a way to hand you money, please!

And by the way, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal voice by emphasizing your work pieces. I think all you have to do is place less importance on your blog posts (which are great in themselves) and give that precious home page real estate to your business. People can still read about you and your self-expression through a link to your blog. And this can be flipped 180 degrees for your personal site (e.g. 80% personal posts, 20% professional pieces). I just think there should be a better separation between your professional-self and personal-self (pretend this work isn’t redundant).

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