Peer Review: The Procrastireader

Hey Victoria,

I’m not exactly a reader myself, but the idea of a “procrastireader” is certainly starting to grow on me.

You mentioned in your missions statement that aims to be a welcoming community. What I see on the site is exactly that:

  • You chose an overall warm color palette for your site, creating for your visitors a nice and cozy environment to “read to avoid the unpleasant things in life”
  • You added hand-drawn illustrations to the site header and a few posts’ thumbnail images. These help your visitors better visualize the content while adding to that cozy feeling and welcome the visitors to forget about all those “unpleasant things in life”
  • You even added a translation feature in the site footer so that no one is left out 🙂 Such a small feature, but shows your consideration for your audience.
  • You address your readers in a friendly tone in each of your post as if you are speaking to a friend—a fellow “procrastireader”.

Overall, your site reflects the “professional self” articulated from the inclusive design to the warm and friendly use of language.

In terms of content, your tone is honest, humble funny, and friendly. I think you are a great writer and an amazing artist/illustrator.

A great example is your essay “Who is The Procrastireader?”. In it you go over your process, describe your online self, and share your inspirations. You were not afraid to be vulnerable and admit your frustration with using WordPress. You showed impressive resilience in overcoming your obstacles and “watching countless WordPress tutorials”.

Now what’s a peer review without some constructive criticism? Honestly, it was hard to come up with any, but here are some I’ve gathered:

  1. You mentioned that The Procrastinated is a community. While your content and design choices certainly help create a feeling of an inclusive community, there isn’t any means for your readers to communicate with you or other readers. A suggestion is perhaps adding a live chat room functionality to your site. A quick Google search shows there are quite a few options. This way, you can create a two-way or even three-way communication channel between you and the readers, creating a real community of “procrastireaders”.
  2. You have an email subscribe box in the right-hand floating toolbar. While this can help keep your readers coming back to your site, I feel you could make this opt-in box more prominent. Here are some examples you can reference. OptinMonster also has a WordPress plugin to make creating these opt-ins easy.

All in all, thank you for creating The Procrasireader and I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

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