Still waiting for that tech recruiter to get back to you?

Do you look like these stock photo actors while looking for that tech job of your dream?

Does any of the following describe your current situation?

Ghosted by recruiters

You just had a “wonderful time” chatting with the recruiter weeks ago. But now, you are still “Inbox Zero” when it comes to any job related emails. “We’ll get back to you” is forever the last thing you’ll hear from that friendly neighbourhood recruiter 🙁

Feeling like an imposter

You’ve watched countless tutorials and spent countless hours coding while wiping your tears away late at night. But 6 months later, you still feel like a beginner who no one would ever want to hire. You feel like the time you put in is enough, but is it really?

Zero confidence in yourself

You get into an interview or two—you consider yourself extremely lucky because of your lack of skills, portfolios and confidence in yourself. You don’t think you are good enough; you don’t think you are ready. “I wouldn’t even hire myself!” you whisper

Need help?

You don’t need to feel like a rockstar to get a dev job! You can learn to ace interviews; you can learn to land a job quickly; you can learn to build confidence without sounding like a sell-out.